Community Service

 MHT Housing, Inc. believes in giving back to the communities in which its residents live. 
Community Service efforts include:

  • Neighborhood clean-up efforts.
  • Upgrades to community parks.
  • Donations to local libraries.
  • Hosting community dinners for those in need.
  • Supporting local high school athletic teams.
  • Participation in local parades and events.
  • Awarding student scholarships.

MHT Housing, Inc. has been recognized with the Community Spirit Award from HP Devco and the City of Highland Park Business Association in 2008.  The Company has also been recognized by the City of Detroit, as well as several other municipalities within the State for neighborhood clean-up initiatives & social services.

Quick Facts

Safety in the City
September 2010 - MHT Housing, Inc. hosted a “Gun Buy Back” program in the City of Detroit
"Backpacks For Kids"
August 2010 - MHT Housing, Inc. donated Backpacks and school supplies to Detroit school
City of Detroit Parks
June 2010 - MHT Housing, Inc. purchased several parks in the City of Detroit and promised to revitalize and care for the land